The Legendarium

A compendium of themes and threads in myth and literature.

Death, Decay and the Haunted Afterlife

Suppose, though, that while consciousness does continue in some way after death, it remains thoroughly joined to your physical remains. As your body decays, so does your personality, your capacity to reason. Your emotions, having been all along largely the product of your fluids and nerves, transmute ever more into the mute horror which your remains increasingly depict.

The New Orthography: Handwriting, Calligraphy and Shorthand

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There is a special creative space occupied by the overlap between these three expressions of writing: the customized orthography, or the “new” orthography, any highly unique system of writing developed by a single individual.

Plans of the Psyche

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People carry around a lot of different mental models of what “a person” is, and frequently resort to diagrams to explain themselves.


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Bodies of water - lakes, streams, oceans - are frequently connected, in literature and experience, with moodiness or meditation.