I write with ByWord on Mac (On Windows I used to use WriteMonkey) and save each post locally in plain-text (Markdown) format before publishing. This text is then processed and saved into the CMS as HTML5 — this allows web-specific markup to be added or adjusted if desired.

If I’m thinking out loud or collecting ideas over the long term, I’ll often use ThoughtStreams.

Design and Typography

Body text is set in Kepler, designed in the tradition of classic modern 18th-century typefaces. Top-level headings are set in Livory, a typeface inspired by “snaggy forests, mellow meadows, wuthering heights and the season’s changes,” as well as by the French Renaissance Antiquas from the 16th century — that’s what it says on the tin, at least.

Watercolour illustrations are by Jessica Dueck.


The Local Yarn is published with the Textpattern CMS. Some modifications have been made to allow Markdown formatting for comments/notes using Michel Fortin’s PHP MarkdownExtra, and additional HTML filtering using HTML Purifier. The site is hosted on a DigitalOcean VPS.