Noise of Creation

Book cover for 'Noise of Creation' by Joel Alexander

When finished, this book will contain roughly a thousand short chapters of prose and poetry, organized under the headings found in the 1852 edition of Roget’s College Thesaurus. I’m publishing it serially as an ebook (ePub, mobi, and PDF versions available) while I write it. When complete it may be available as a printed book as well.

You can read more about it and download the book at the book’s page at Leanpub.

0038. Adjunct.

I woke from my nap. There was a man standing at the end of the couch; I did not know him. And there was a water pump handle and spout coming out of my stomach.

We Fishes

We might take a lesson from dogs and fish about how much we can really know about the world.

Roll Tape

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Camden. “You’re talking about civil rights for a mass murderer.”

Destry. “Well, I’m talking about civil rights for a person who at that time had never committed a crime in his life.”

Camden. “He was clearly planning to, though.”

Noise of Creation, Zeroth Edition

I’m here to announce that I’ve just released the zeroth edition of my first book project, Noise of Creation.