Joel and Jessica Dueck

We live in Minnesota, in a house we built ourselves near some railroad tracks in Minneapolis. Joel has earned money as a web designer, a technical editor, and an accountant. As a writer and poet, he has a long string of extremely minor successes. Jessica paints, and teaches violin and piano. We have a one-year-old daughter.

All the writing and design you see here is our own work. In most cases it has been discussed and mused-over between Jessica and myself for many weeks or months before it appears here.

I (Joel) have a born curiosity about how stories and ideas are arranged, presented, and maintained in digital media such as the web, as well as in print. This fascination has been a rewarding one, having led me at times into calligraphy, Celtic knotwork, letterpress printing, digital typesetting, small-scale book production, and every corner of web design and digital content management. My intent is to treat the reader’s intellect and emotions with respect, both in the thoughts expressed and in their presentation. Besides being a home for my writing, this site is a place for me to put those ideas into practice.

For more information about this site, see the Local Yarn Site Notes.

Artist's interpretation