Book cover for

I’m here to announce that I’ve just released the zeroth edition of my first book project, Noise of Creation.

It’s kind of a big project: the finished book will include exactly one thousand chapters plus an extensive appendix! It’s not a novel or even a collection of short stories. It’s more like a postmodern devotional that happens to be based on the 1852 version of Roget’s College Thesaurus. You should read all about it on the book’s page at Leanpub. I won’t duplicate all of that information here except to say that:

  1. It’s a serial, meaning I’m still writing and publishing new chapters as I go (probably for the next several years). Charles Dickens created and sold his books the same way, incidentally, and Leanpub allows authors to do the same with electronic books.
  2. At this point, it’s also free. If you download it now, you also get all future editions of the ebook for free. After the first one hundred chapters are finished, I’ll set a minimum price for any future readers.

I decided some time ago that I would probably use my first and middle names as a pen name if I ever published a book, mainly because it sounds nice and it’s easier than “Dueck” to pronounce and spell correctly. It does seem a bit pretentious, especially since this book is just an experimental project rather than, you know, an actual novel or something; but it’s probably better to have it in place now than to try and wedge it in later on.

At this point I’ve completed only twelve of the one thousand chapters (one for each of the twelve disciples, let’s say — and I’ll leave it up to you to pick whether that includes Judas or Matthias). My overambitious roadmap currently includes a possible Kickstarter project for the complete, lovingly-typset six-volume print edition, but only after the writing is complete. For now, I’d love for you to download it, receive email notices of new editions as they come out, and tell me what you think of the writing so far.

The cover design was also my own work. The font is Subtle Sans by Atle Mo, with the kerning of each letter minutely tweaked to get those exact intersections between the letters. I took the photo in Welland, Ontario in June 2012.