To what shall I compare the Kingdom of Heaven in America?

It is like a man that walked in a field, and came to a certain hill. And he lifted up his eyes, and the clouds parted, and he beheld God in the clouds, seeming a long way off. And as the man stood, he saw that God watched him, and raised up his fist to smite him. So he stood in the road, transfixed and amazed as the white hot fist of God rushed closer at him to crush him. And in the last moment, Jesus Christ, running to the top of the hill, violently shoved him aside and screamed as the fist of God from heaven crushed him into a bloody mass. And Jesus Christ died, slaughtered and immolated by God’s valuation of man.

And the man, seeing the blow that was meant for him, went his way, saying, See what great worth I have! God loves me just the way I am!