Code and concepts for using modern machines to create wonderful things.

Koans of the Midwest

One hand clapping in the fish house.

The Wealthy Peasant

Writings on the small problem of sustainably spreading wealth and independence as far as it can possibly go.

The Inkwell

Bearing grease for the modern writing dynamo.

The New Creed

A mystic universalist reformed postmodernist tries to explain himself.

The Greatest Crime

Typewritten notes on the question of crime.

The Legendarium

A small but growing compendium of the wonderful.

Under Glass

Reviews of books, films, and other cultural artifacts.

The Society of Dapper Fellows

Stories of the good men I know, and have known.

The Regular Vein

The continuing adventures of a ship and her crew.

On Building

Memoirs of an aspiring and unlikely carpenter.

Marquee Fiction

Short stories exactly 256 characters long.


By way of variety, a theatre of language.


Chronicling personal movement in six dimensions.