The site is awash in traffic just now, after Rob Meyer of The Atlantic gave my poem Patch Notes a very kind mention in his technology column, and it was picked up from there by The Verge. A slice of the visitors from those articles are poking about to see what else is going on here, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to welcome you all, and to acknowledge the backslapping from long-time friends and readers.

The Local Yarn is about more than just having a place to write; it’s a place where we cultivate beauty and thought. It tries to be something more than a just a blog-style stream; more like a garden with a stream running through it.

This being a garden, my practice of writing is to scatter seeds, and some of those seeds take months or years to germinate and flower. But after fourteen years, it’s getting to the point where there’s almost always something in season. And in recent years I’ve become highly interested in allowing visitors to plant seeds of their own, which is why comments are used differently on this site. I hope you’ll find your exploration is rewarded.