Printed copy of The Annual Yarn: 2011

Jessica and I have been together for nearly a year now. We never did get around to sending out Christmas cards, something we would ordinarily have enjoyed doing for our first holiday season together.

We opted to write a little book instead.

I knew early on in last year that I would like to produce my own version of an "annual report." Others who do this, such as Nick Felton, make their impression through the sheer density of numbers and data in their reports. There are several charts and infographics in my report as well, but I wanted to produce something focused more on the literary side of things: a book, with prose, poetry, and a personal voice.

The result is The Annual Yarn: 2011, the first edition of our first annual little book, a literary report of travels and milestones during the year we were married. It's a trade paperback the size of an A5 sheet (roughly 5.9″ by 8.3″) and runs 28 pages of black and white text, inky charts, floorplans, original poetry, one or two photographs, and some impressive whitespace.

This being our first time printing and publishing a book, it took quite a bit longer than we had planned, but we are very pleased with the result, and already accumulating prose, charts and paintings for this next year's edition. We plan to produce a new and experimental Yarn every year, until fifty rare and original volumes line the bookshelves (or bathroom reading racks) of our friends, family and loyal readers.

No more than 100 of this first volume will be printed, ever. The inside covers of each copy will be hand-numbered with its spot in the print run. At the time of this writing, about sixty copies of this print run are available for the cost-recovery price of $6 USD (includes US post and packing). We'll also put you on the advance list for next year's copy.

Annual Yarn: 2011 - Table of Contents

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