I’ve released two podcast episodes over the last two Saturdays: The Way Back and The Infinite Aleph, about fourteen minutes long each. Click through and have a listen if you haven’t already.

I was up until 3 am on Saturday morning finishing that second one. That was one of the few times I sat down and completed most of the process in one session; I started editing my very-rough draft at 10:30 pm, was recording at midnight, and probably started editing at about 12:30 am. If a podcast has only one or two music cues, editing goes a lot faster, but both of these were a bit more complex.

I originally envisioned closing out the Aleph episode with Iron & Wine’s Walking Far From Home, since the verses fit the episode’s theme perfectly — in fact it was while listening to this song that the pieces for this episode first began to connect in my head. But the song is also, shall I say, sonically fussy; it demands your complete attention and doesn’t play nice with any atmosphere but its own. So I ended up leaving it out, but if you want a little bonus material, you should give it a listen.