Say something.

I think this is the first time I’ve ever enabled the comment system.

Joel ·

Greetings from germany and congratulations to this very nice site.

Dominik ·

Your site’s too good to have comments enabled. Be gone with them!

walter ·

Good work on the site, Joel. Keep it up.

Josh ·

I like minimalistic designs :)

Riad ·

Cool site Joel. Just thought I’d drop in and say howdy. Good to hear you are still an inhabitant of this fine world. Keep it up!

Spencer Wolf ·

Love the site. Where did you find those great illustrations? Are they your drawings or did you find them somewhere?


Eddie ·

Deadly trap this is: posts we can’t comment, non-posts that we can. I love this thing.

Can we hear the mini-disc sometime ? (arrh! fell in the trap)

mickael ·

Walter: I tend to agree :)

Matt: Zounds!

Eddie: the pictures are mostly culled from a spot illustration book, but are not public domain.

Mickael: Sometime, yes, I’ll post some sound files.

Thanks for the good word everybody. May the ink in your pen never jam or leak.

Joel ·