Mills Baker, writing on his tumblr:

But it does shock me to see what a religious world I inhabit online: a world of dogmas and excommunications, of Huguenots and Catholics, of certainties and casus belli, of inquisitors and the church-goers eager to revel in their (usually) flattering verities and then spill out into the streets parroting them as revelation. Everyone wants to tear down temples. The moralization of artifacts from apps to art reminds me of nothing so much as those religious texts which assert God’s position on minor matters like tattoos and silverware; and searching the world and all who live in it and all their utterances for evidence of whether they conform to one’s beliefs has seemed to me wildly anachronistic, which, as I said, only shows how stupid I am. Form never changes, only content.

Mills is one of my favourite writers these days.