Minneapolis and St. Paul now have their own unique font, Twin. The typeface contains over 300 characters and is intended to vary with weather conditions in the twin cities area, becoming more formal as the temperature drops, or more whimsical as temperatures rise. It would be nice to see this typeface used in some real-world applications here in the cities, but realistically, I doubt whether it will ever be more than an online curiosity.

Twin never was officially adopted by Minneapolis or St. Paul, and the site demonstrating its unique features has been offline for some time now.

There was some discussion on Twitter recently over whether Twin was “a failed attempt” as alleged by a poorly-written article (which has since, it seems, been retro-edited down to one paragraph). As an artistic concept, of course, it is absurd to talk of it as having “failed”; but as long as it remains impossible for anyone to actually use (or even view!) the typeface and the features that made it unique, there will remain an unavoidable sense of sadness and abandonment around it.

Joel (Author) ·