Every year at Christmas I find myself thinking “What? Christmas again already?”

When adults open their mouths about Christmas, it’s almost always to repeat some variant of Can you believe they’re putting up decorations again? Or, I can’t believe Christmas is only three weeks away!

They almost never say Yay, Christmas, my favourite time of the year!

I don’t think this is because we grown-ups are deep-down cynical about Christmas. I think it’s just because time passes way, way too fast after you’re fairly through your twenties. As such, it may be that once a year is too short of an interval for certain major events to seem special anymore.

Related: you never hear adults say, “What? The summer Olympics again? Already?”

It might be worth scheduling Christmas for every other year instead of celebrating it annually. Practically, of course, I’m not sure anyone would ever do this. But it seems clear to me that the Christmas season just comes around far too often for most adult brains to be able to fully appreciate it.

This adult anticipates it each year! Perhaps it’s because it cheers the drab of winter – and we can’t push winter off every other year. Were there no seasons, I could see holidays becoming monotonous.

It also helps to see holidays through the eyes of the next generation and join them in their appreciation. Their wonder and joy at the twinkling lights, the scent of fir, the anticipation of gifts, and the story of Jesus is refreshing to the wizened soul.

Ted ·