I keep coming across blog posts by people who obviously love to write, wringing their hands about how poor they think their writing is and apologizing to some mythical person-who-cares for not writing more.

I think the unconscious idea here is that if you obssess over your problem more and more and more, you will be free from it. You must see how ridiculous that is.

I’m going to break a few self-imposed rules here and tell you: if you know you need to improve as a writer, never write about writing. Just avoid it altogether. Either write, or take a break. Don’t write about the break, either.

If you’re having trouble writing, it’s because there’s nothing sitting in your head that you really need to get across to anyone, which is the whole point of writing or any other art. That’s not a problem with your talent or your practice. Just go outside and live a little.

“There can be no happiness if the things we believe in are different from the things we do.”
— Freya Madeline Stark (1893-1993)