Home builder wanted to run new residential construction company. Framing carpentry experience on at least twenty houses. Must have at least working knowledge of siding, roofing, concrete, insulation, plumbing, electrical, heating. Must have a well-developed sense of aesthetics and be in tune with national and local trends in color selections, new materials, and other home design details. Competent trim carpentry skills a plus. Must have a solid grasp of all local building codes. Must be an able accountant and bookkeeper to keep the business from going under. Coordinate and schedule construction of new homes and service requests on existing homes. Must be willing to fill out reams of paperwork when it is nice out, as well as get out there and swing a hammer when it is nasty hot or bite-your-head-off cold. Other required areas of expertise: written communications; people skills and negotiations; a good head for numbers; ability to make snap decisions in unexpected circumstances; teaching and training new employees; safety regulations compliance; assist in insurance audits; participate in local government hearings related to zoning and employment laws; human resources management; analyse job cost and sales reports; and repair of power tools.