A Book-Making Machine

I am writing templates and code that make it simple to create a printed book from any bunch of text files or photos.

A Little Book Project

I’ve been working on a miniature publishing project since the start of the year, and it’s finally done: the Dice Word List book.

Pollen Targets

With Pollen I finally have a tool I can use to publish to multiple formats where I have complete control over both the source markup and the finished result. Of course, you have to learn LISP programming to make full use of it, which is kind of daunting, but I’m having fun doing so.


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Thing that’s been on my mind lately: if you want your blog posts or your photographs to be around fifty years from now, you need to print them out. And the best format for that printout is a bound book. And if you care about your stuff being around after you die, you’ll print lots of copies and distribute them to anyone who might be persuaded to take one of them.

Making a Book-Making Machine

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I’m trying to automate the process of taking a blog (or any collection of plain text and images) and producing a printed book, for reasons that will be stated elsewhere. These are my notes on doing so.