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Page Name:Differences from blogs
Date: 2018-08-06 17:59:39
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In blogging parlance, series can be understood as roughly equivalent to “categories”, and notes to “comments”. There are differences though:

Categories vs Series

Typical Blog Categories Local Yarn Series
Buckets into which all or most posts are slotted Curations of particular posts
Name is a single noun Name is a descriptive title
Has no content or properties of its own Has its own content and properties
Broad in scope, few in number Narrow in scope, many in number
Selected to be relevant for use across the entire lifetime of the site Selected without reference to future creative direction (may be closed after only a few articles)

Comments vs Notes

Typical Blog Comments Local Yarn Notes
Rarely used after a post has aged Commonly used on posts many years old
Visible only at the end of the individual post Included in the main stream of posts and in the RSS feed alongside actual posts
Invites any and all feedback, from small compliments to lengthy rebuttals Strictly for high-value emendations and timeless marginalia
Usually used by readers Usually used by the original author
Don’t affect the original post Has properties (e.g. disposition) that change the status and presentation of the original post)
Moderation (if done) is on a binary basis (approved or not) Moderation may take the form of edits and in-note responses.