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In blogging parlance, *series* can be understood as roughly equivalent to “categories”, and *notes* to “comments”. There are differences though:

## Categories vs _Series_

Typical Blog Categories | Local Yarn _Series_
Buckets into which all or most posts are slotted | Curations of particular posts
Name is a single noun | Name is a descriptive title
Has no content or properties of its own | Has its own content and properties
Broad in scope, few in number | Narrow in scope, many in number
Selected to be relevant for use across the entire lifetime of the site | Selected without reference to future creative direction (may be closed after only a few articles)

## Comments vs _Notes_

Typical Blog Comments | Local Yarn _Notes_
Rarely used after a post has aged | Commonly used on posts many years old
Visible only at the end of the individual post | Included in the main stream of posts and in the RSS feed alongside actual posts
Invites any and all feedback, from small compliments to lengthy rebuttals | Strictly for high-value emendations and timeless marginalia
Usually used by readers | Usually used by the original author
Don’t affect the original post | Has properties (e.g. disposition) that change the status and presentation of the original post)
Moderation (if done) is on a binary basis (approved or not) | Moderation may take the form of edits and in-note responses.
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