We only take on a limited number of projects at a time. Please email us to ensure we have time available for your project. All services require 50% down, remainder upon completion.

Manuscript Review

Good, objective opinions can be hard to find, so we’re making it easy for you. Joel and Jessica will both read your manuscript, and they’ll send you a 1-4-page review (depending on the length and complexity of the material) that assesses your writing – both strengths and weaknesses – on all levels, and provides suggestions. This is a great idea for the first few chapters of a longer work.

Cost is $3 USD per 250-word page, $24 minimum.

Manuscript Editing & Consultation

We’ll do a highly detailed edit of your manuscript, going through spelling, grammar, and clarity with a fine-toothed comb, and providing extensive notes on any other applicable issues, such as pacing, plot continuity, character development, voice, perspective, and reader expectations.

Price is $6 USD per 250-word page, $100 minimum.

Website Design

We can design and implement a customized version of the code running The Local Yarn or the Howell Creek Radio podcast for your own site. This service is specifically for creative enterprises; we don’t do this kind of work for everyone. Email us for a questionnaire which we’ll use to create a proposal.

Projects start at $5,000 USD.