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After this last weekend’s commits, I am much closer to finally closing [3514e657]. I finally have a way of marking up Series pages that is as flexible and good-looking as I’d hoped.

In the course of closing that ticket, I expect I will migrate a bunch of actual content over from the old site (in order to have something to actually put in the series/blog/index pages). Then I will finally be able to replace the static mockups from months ago with actual output from the code I’ve written (which looks much better).

After this, I will probably put in place a few things that will need to be in place before I start actually moving things over:

…and then I will be ready to start actually moving stuff over in earnest. This will be simple, but very tedious. My plan is to do a first-pass filter of what I actually want to keep, then a “straight” migration of those pieces to get them checked into source control. Finally, any edits I want to make. But it will be more complicated than that; some pieces may get broken up or combined, and I will also want to start a preprocessed `.htaccess` file so I can have redirects for things that get moved.

Looking a little further out, once I get the RSS feed done, rescan any artwork, I may actually be ready to go live.

And then I can start working on PDFs, book covers, and books.