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In summer of 2018 I kicked off this repo with a fair amount of work, thanks to a vacation and having, for once, some large blocks of time and energy to work on this project.

There are a couple of specific aspects of the visual design where I feel blocked. These are areas where I kind of punted while making the mockups, and now I feel like I need better ideas for them before I can proceed but I’m having trouble coming up with good ideas.

  • The logo/header — I do not feel the logo/header in either the mockup or in trunk really does anything for the page. I’ve tried a few variations but nothing clicks. I almost wonder if the yarn/beehive thing has run its course.

  • The front page — I never did a mockup for the front page, and now I kind of wish I had. As to the overall structure, I have ideas that I believe will work well, but they will require a bunch of CSS and markup work and that’s a bit daunting because I think the CSS needs to be refactored a bit and there’s already quite a lot of it. Visually though, there is a question as to whether the front page should look “in-page” similar to how the blog does, or should it look “outside” of the piece-of-paper look that the individual articles have (this may not make sense to anyone but me). And if it should look “outside” just how different can it look without being too jarring?