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Ticket: 8ad560204f7a5c94691355d4572fa2dca544d849
Refactor listing/query functions
User & Date: joel on 2020-02-14 21:49:08

  1. icomment:
    Currently there are three functions `<listing-short>`, `<listing-full>` and `<listing-excerpt>` and you pass them the query-generating function itself (`articles` or `articles+notes`), rather than passing an expression _using_ those functions which produces the query.
    The only reason we need three separate functions is the different treatment needed for `<listing-short>`. The markup stored in the listing_short column is contained in an `<li>`, so `<listing-short>` needs to return the concatenated HTML wrapped in a `<ul>` tag. If the markup were changed so that no such special treatment were needed, we could switch to a single listing function, with usage like this:
    ◊(collate (articles+notes 'short))
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