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Artifact ID: eeb97d83cea8c13ebb4fb3376fb82832f84847f90fd27c9fab8a7312f7b65b82
Ticket: f580d19482db99f2541c19f926d2a840ec4dce97
Need for “listings” functions to support series surfaces architectural problem
User & Date: joel on 2019-04-07 21:14:56

  1. icomment:
    Resolved with [e493f1c6]:
      *  <code>spell-of-summoning!</code> is now called from <code>pollen.rkt</code> if HTML is the target output format.
      *  Listings functions return results inside a <code>'style</code> txexpr to keep <code>->html</code> from escaping the pre-cooked HTML strings.
      *  New function <code>unfence</code> provided from from <code>crystalize.rkt</code> to strip <code><style></code> tags from HTML.
      *  The SQLite cache now has a <code>series_pagenode</code> column for notes as well, just so notes can be filtered by series alongside articles in <code>list-full/articles+notes</code>.
      *  New function <code>here-output-path</code> provided from <code>dust.rkt</code>, occasioned by need to allow listing functions to default to filtering based on the current pagenode.
      *  Added <code>'style</code> to the list of “block tags” in the <code>setup</code> module; this prevents it from being surrounded by paragraph tags.
      *  Code docs updated to reflect the above wherever applicable.
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