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These are draft notes on how I plan to handle contributions, whenever it’s time to cross that bridge.

As one of the conditions for acceptance, I will require every contributor to license their contributions according to LICENSE.md. Having and showing “clear title” to all the code and content here protects everybody from unmet expectations and from wandering into unwanted legal territory.

Contributing source code

Source code contributions must be licensed under the Blue Oak Model License.

If your source contribution includes any new files, each file must include a notice of its license terms. (I suggest copying the header used in pollen.rkt for this purpose.) The header is required because this repository includes both source code and writing, and they are licensed differently.

The first time you contribute source code, add your name to THANKS.md. This puts you on record as a contributor and as affirming the use of the Blue Oak Model Licence for your contributions. If you are submitting a Fossil bundle, include this edit in one of your commits. If you are emailing a patch or set of patches, you can include a separate patch for this edit. Or, you can simply include a directive in the body of your email saying “please add my name to THANKS.md”.

Contributing Content

  • Guidelines for submission will be published on the website, follow those…
  • Articles intended for publication can be under any license, including “All Rights Reserved”.
  • Need submissions to include an explicit non-exclusive royalty-free perpetual license to use the content in both print and web editions. (This is necessary even if using a permissive license such as CC-BY, etc.)
  • Maybe a form would be best?
  • Should contributing content via Fossil be allowed or encouraged? Guessing not. Don’t want images in the repo, for one thing.


“The following are contributors to the source code of The Local Yarn. We license our contributions to each file in this project according to the license specified in that file.”