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*These are draft notes on how I plan to handle contributions, whenever it’s time to cross that bridge.*

As one of the conditions for acceptance, I will require every contributor to license their contributions according to `LICENSE.md`. Having and showing “clear title” to all the code and content here protects everybody from unmet expectations and from wandering into unwanted legal territory.

## Contributing source code

The first time you contribute source code, add your name to `THANKS.md`. This puts you on record as a contributor and as affirming the use of the Blue Oak Model License for all your contributions. If you are submitting a Fossil bundle, include this edit in one of your commits. If you are emailing a patch or set of patches, you can include a separate patch for this edit. Or, you can simply include a directive in the body of your email saying “please add my name to `THANKS.md`”.

If your source contribution adds any new files, each file must include the following two-line header:

    SPDX-License-Identifier: BlueOak-1.0.0
    This file is licensed under the Blue Oak Model License 1.0.0.

This Fossil repository contains a complete public record of every change, who made it, and when.

## Contributing Content

* Guidelines for submission will be published on the website, follow those…
* Articles intended for publication can be under any license, including “All Rights Reserved”. 
* Need submissions to include an explicit non-exclusive royalty-free perpetual license to use the content in both print and web editions. (This is necessary even if using a permissive license such as CC-BY, etc.)
* Maybe a form would be best?
* Should contributing *content* via Fossil be allowed or encouraged? Guessing not. Don’t want images in the repo, for one thing.

## `THANKS.md`

> “The following are contributors to the source code of *The Local Yarn*. We license our contributions to each file in this project according to the license specified in that file.”

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