This is Joel’s Improved Personal Website, an independent publication of original, current writing and commentary that has existed in various manifestations since 1998. It is written by the aptly-named Joel Dueck, who is open to criticism.

Although comments are not enabled, you can engage me in public discussion via my twitter account or email. For back-end commentary, see the site errata.

On Form

“Here no state chambers in long lines unfold,
Bright with broad mirrors, rough with fretted gold,
Yet modest ornament with use combined
Attracts the eye to excercise the mind.”

Samuel Rogers

On Content

“Suffer me that I may speak, and after that I have spoken, mock on.”

Job 21:3 (kjv)

Joel Alexander Dueck, 1981 - ?

I'm looking forward to your vote this coming November.

I live in Minnesota. My favorite drink is grape juice.

This website, for me, is like growing a garden. It’s fun to do and nice to look at when it’s done. And it’s never finished. And although I don't really need an audience, it is kind of nice when other people look over the fence out of curiosity and end up coming by regularly.


“Bäta eene Stekj Broot aus ne Fada em Hoot.”
(Better a piece of bread in the pocket than a feather in the hat.)
— Old Low-German Saying